Say Goodbye to Tired Looking Eyes!

Do you often have people come up to you and question whether you’re tired not? Or are you worried about the increasing hollowing of the area under your eyes? If so, our best guess is that your ‘Tear Trough’ zone, which is the hollow area below your eyes and upper cheeks, has become hollowed and shadowed, thus becoming more pronounced. This can occur as result of stress, sleep deprivation or even genetics, causing you to have a tired or worn out appearance, hence leading to the onslaught of the aforementioned question. In addition to this, the weakening or loss of soft tissue volume in the lower eye lid can further highlight the appearance of the Tear Trough, hence leading to the development of eye bags and dark shadows underneath the eye.

Needless to say, certain treatments can be done in order to alleviate this discrepancy within the Tear Trough zone; one such treatment offered by us here at London City Aesthetics is the Tear Trough Fillers treatment. This non-surgical aesthetic treatment is one of our most popular treatments whereby our qualified medical professionals carry out the said procedure in the most natural way possible, allowing for you to look rested and providing a solution for tired looking eyes. As mentioned previously, this treatment can further be of aid for a number of conditions including;

  • Sunken Eyes
  • Dark Circles Around The Eye Area
  • Eye Bags
  • Tired Looking Eyes

In case you’re wondering about the ‘before and after’ scenario of having the treatment, then let us tell you, you need not to worry. Since the treat is non-surgical you can simple schedule an appointment (call us at 020 7837 2300), have the treatment done and immediately resume your everyday activities almost instantly. Further to this, after having the said treatment, the result will be visible and will further improve over a two week period, and will last for approximately six to nine months, after which the body begins to naturally break the dermal filler down and remove it.

In order to ascertain whether you require the said treatment, you can drop by our clinic for a complimentary consultation for Facial Aesthetics treatments along with any other treatments for which you require our input. In case you have a query which you want answered, you can email us on or you can contact us via our provided contact form. Our expert team of medical professionals will be at your service to provide you with any assistance which you may require.


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