Reasons to Consider a Boo-tox Facial Aesthetics this Halloween at London City Aesthetics

Do you want to look great and feel confident during Halloween, treat yourself to the best facial aesthetic with London City Aesthetics?  Your face being the best asset you don’t need to cover up on Halloween with multiple makeups to hide the spooky wrinkles and lines. Forget the candies on this Halloween and give yourself a better, healthy and memorable treat that will last beyond the treaters and ghouls.

You can get back your youthful, healthy, and flawless skin free from wrinkles through our boo-tox treatment. Boo-tox is a skin rejuvenation treatment which is quick, safe and effective at reducing frown lines and wrinkles that makes you look angry. At our clinic, we offer Halloween boo-tox special at a cheaper price leaving you with money for those king sized Twix bars that will bring goblins and ghosts to your home on Halloween Eve.

Years of frowning, squinting, laughing and using your face to express emotions causes skin to form wrinkles. With Boo-tox injections, nerve impulses to the facial muscle are blocked temporary, resulting into smooth skin for 4-6months. It’s the most common facial aesthetic in US and it also treats crow’s feet on your eyes. If you never done boo-tox before, this is the season to try it before the spook-tacular savings diminish on Halloween.

The lines and wrinkles develop from contraction of muscles on face. As you age the muscles contract and the forehead, brow and area around the eyes develop lines and wrinkles. Due to individual differences, the amount of boo-tox required differs and dosage differ too. Therefore, it is important to choose highly trained cosmetic specialists like London City Aesthetic to get the right treatment.

Ensure you get the boo-tox treatment now for your results to settle in. The maximum result after treatment is one to two weeks, therefore schedule appointment sooner. Remember Halloween is not meant for kids only so scare off the wrinkles to avoid hiding behind the mask this season. Below are reasons to make you consider a boo-tox this Halloween.

Eliminate the crow’s feet

Eyes are an important feature of your face, so eliminating crow’s feet on the corner of your eyes will be great for you. Botox will help you remove lines and wrinkles.

Restore your ghostly skin with a youthful look.

As you age it is common for your skin to look dull and lifeless. Botox will help restore your skin to make it radiant and healthy.

Rejuvenate your skin by blowing away cobwebs

Botox will rejuvenate your skin through clearing wrinkles and fine lines. Your skin will become smoother and won’t worry anymore about lines on your forehead and eyes.

Smoothen the skin

Everyone desires a smooth skin and unfortunately lines and wrinkles develop at a certain time in your life. With boo-tox you get rid of unwanted lines quickly and effectively.

Treatment of migraine headache

Boo-tox unexpectedly helps to reduce or totally eliminate migraines in patients. A large percentage of people suffer from migraine headache thus boo-tox is a surprise treatment for people having trouble with migraines.


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